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Made with fabulous bamboo fibers, it makes these the most delicate muslin washer - perfect for your baby's delicate skin. Bamboo Benefits Little known facts • Bamboo as a textile has been available for 1000's of years • Bamboo is a grass • Bedding made using bamboo was first seen through mass market chains in February of 2006 in America • Similar process to viscose or rayon manufacture. Invented by Samuel J Courtauld in 1906 • Cotton as 5% the worlds crops contribute 25% the worlds pesticides • Cotton is one of the biggest users of water in areas of the world where there is a growing water shortage. • Bamboo fiber resembles cotton in its unspun form, a puffball of light and airy fibers Baby benefits • Soft silk like touch - increased comfort • 60% more water absorbent (hydroscopic) - gets baby dry faster • 2° warmer in winter • 2°cooler in summer for constant comfort • adapting to babies body temperature • more breathable (hollow fibers) • wicking properties, draws moisture away from baby - increased comfort • naturally antibacterial - healthier sleep/wash environment • 30% less susceptible to odors - even more beautiful smelling baby! NB: % comparisons ref bamboo vs cotton Planet benefits • Very renewable resource • pesticide-free, organically grown • little to no water to grow • plantation inhales CO² and exhales O² into the atmosphere


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